Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 Cracked-3DM

Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 Cracked-3DM

Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 Cracked-3DM cover by www.ifub.net

Free Download Game Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 Cracked-3DM : Hallo sobat www.ifub.net, pada kesempatan malam ini admin akan membagikan sebuah Game PC yang handal sekali, game ini bernama Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 PC Games Cracked-3DM. tentunya game ini sangatlah menghibur sekali buat sobat, game ini sob merupakan game petualangan yang mengatur strategi yang bikin sobat menjadi tegang dalam memainkannya. dan game ini bisa mengasah kemampuan otak sobat. dengan di dukung grafis yang bagus dan 3D, yang bikin sobat menjadi tergiur untuk memainkannya.
 Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 Cracked-3DM cover by www.ifub.net

 Free Download Game Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 Cracked-3DM Terbaru 2015



  • Single or Multiplayer: Endless Legend takes place in the Endless Universe and employs new twists on combat, pacing, events, environment and single-and multiplayer gaming for one to eight players.
  • Research around 100 technologies across four eras through quests and research, while collecting Dust, luxuries, and strategic resources tradable at the marketplace.
  • Eight fantastic, unconventional factions bbm mod super android? including the Vaulters, Broken Lords, and the Wild Walkers ? create a distinct take on the over-used ? Tolkien-esque stereotypes?. For the Alpha build, players can select three out of the eight factions and advance through the use of weaponry, technology, and other ?Endless? elements, such as the Dust as per Endless Space.Minor Factions: Of the 16 minor factions, 10 are currently available in the Alpha build for players to incorporate into their empire.
  • Eight potential win scenarios for players experience through culture, trade and conquest. Example of a win: One enables your race to discover an ancient spaceship, leave the planet, and become and embryonic version of one of Endless Space?s galactic factions.
  • Endless Legend does away with skill trees with branching paths, instead enabling players to accumulate enough experience to advance to the next age without linear paths to follow. Explore unknown territory by sending heroes into every corner of the world to find mysterious artifacts to equip troops.

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Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 Cracked-3DM screenshot by www.ifub.net

Information :

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Publisher: Amplitude Studios
Developer: Amplitude Studios
Release Name: Endless.Legend.v1.0.46.S3.Cracked-3DM

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Size: 1.5GB

Demikian sob ulasan dari saya tentang Game Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 Cracked-3DM, semoga game yang admin berikan dapat menhibur sobat semua.

Penting..!!! Sebelum Melakukan Proses Download, Sebaiknya Anti Virus apapun di Komputer sobat harap di nonaktifkan Terlebih dahulu ya. Agar Patch Full Versionnya Dapat di Unduh juga. Makasih ^_^

Endless Legend v1.0.46.S3 Cracked-3DM


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