Besiege v0.05 Alpha - FL

Besiege v0.05 Alpha - FL

Besiege v0.05 Alpha - FL

Free download Besiege v0.05 Alpha - FL : Hallo para sobat gamers.. di pagi yang cerah ini saya admin akan memberikan suatu game lagi yang bernama Besiege v0.05 Alpha - FL.. game ini adalah game perang sobat..mulai dari menciptakan bala pasukan tempur membangun rumah-rumah dan juga membuat pertahanan dengan benteng.. pasti bakalan menambah keseruan sob.. dengan desain gambar dan visualnya tang telah dirancang sedemikian rupa agar para sobat dapat menikmati game ini dengan maksimal.. langsung saja download game nya ya sobat gamers..

Besiege is a physics based building game in which you construct medieval siege engines and lay waste to immense fortresses and peaceful hamlets.

Build a machine which can crush windmills, wipe out battalions of brave soldiers and transport valuable resources, defending your creation against cannons, archers and whatever else the desperate enemies have at their disposal.
Create a trundling behemoth, or take clumsily to the skies, and cause carnage in fully destructible environments!
Ultimately, you must conquer every Kingdom by crippling their castles and killing their men and livestock, in as creative or clinical a manner as possible.


Physics based building ? if your machine can?t take the strain, it will buckle and splinter apart.
broad array of building blocks to construct towering, ridiculous machines - or go for ruthless efficiency. Utilize flamethrowers, hinges, blades, pistons and much more.
Puzzle-centric campaign levels encouraging experimentation. Blaze your way through kingdom after kingdom planting red flags as you go. Eventually, each isle will be conquered.
Fully Destructible/flammable environments, with outposts, castles, farms and livestock to crush and combust (in slow motion, too).
Hazards such as fire can either be your worst enemy or your greatest asset. It spreads in a deadly manner.
A sandbox level to test your machines and generally wreak havoc. 


1. Double click
2. Sit back
3. Play



OS: Windows XP (latest SP) 
Processor: 2.2Ghz Dual Core 
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics: 512mb Dedicated VRAM 
DirectX: Version 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space


For this update we?re bringing you a few new blocks as well as improvements and bug fixes.
This will be the last minor update before the major update.

Change-log v0.05


Added Large Wheel Block
Added Ball Joint Block
Added Small Flame Torch Block


Wheels can be set to automatic mode
Cogs can be set to automatic mode
Flying Spiral can be set to automatic mode
Optimized wooden block mesh
Balloons pop less easily
Wheel menu icon improved
.bsg description lines now explain all variables. (you will have to load and re-save old machines to update the .bsg)
Can now type numbers in Key Mapper/Parameter Tuner
Blocks highlight properly when using Key Mapper/Parameter Tuner
Swivel Joint has been remade to be smaller and have better visuals


Fixed bug where you could erase a block whilst pressing a UI element on the top bar.
Fixed balloon rope being blurred by Depth of Field
Brace + Spring center of mass should now be accurate
Fixed Metal Spike Ball not showing up in saved thumbnail
Fixed Half Pipe being named incorrectly in parameter tuner
Fixed Unpowered Cog being named incorrectly in parameter tuner
Fixed bug where pressing ?Space? while in the Save/Load would start the simulation in the background.
Fixed Cottages + Windmill in Sandbox not having burnt texture if burned down
Fixed bug where wood block that auto scales to half size gets a double joint Fixed


Increased Brace break strength
Increased Grabber break strength
Cannon Now shoots when heated
Added ?Shoots when heated? warning to Cannon description

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Penting..!!! Sebelum Melakukan Proses Download, Sebaiknya Anti Virus apapun di Komputer sobat harap di nonaktifkan Terlebih dahulu ya. Agar Patch Full Versionnya Dapat di Unduh juga. Makasih ^_^

Besiege v0.05 Alpha - FL


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