Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED

Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED

 Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED

Free download  Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED : Hallo sobat gamers ifub.net ..kali ini saya akan memberikan game peperangan lagi yaitu Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED .. ini adalah peperangan yang seru sobat.. antara negara" yang ingin memperlebar kekuasaannya ..dikutip dari peperangan pearl harbour yang dimana jepang ingin menyerang pangkalan laut amerika.. dengan pasukan yang sedang beristirahat apakah bisa pasukan jepang untuk mengalahkan pangkalan amerika ..langsung saja mainkan gamenya dan menangkan peperangannya ya sobat ...

Set in Pacific theater of WW2, Order of Battle: Pacific features playable campaigns for both the US-led Allies and the Japanese Empire. Starting from the attack on Pearl Harbor, the dynamic campaign system allows players to alter the course of history and even win the war as Japan in the fictional “what-if” conquest of Australia, or lead the Allied forces from the struggle at the beginning of the war to ultimate victory with the invasion of Japan.

With a selection of over 500 unique looking and behaving units, players can build and manage their army and fleet throughout the campaign. Early units include the iconic M3 Stuart, Type 97 Chi-Ha, A6M Zero and F4U Corsair fighters. As new technology becomes available, players eventually gain access to high-tech and prototype units such as the Nakajima Kikka and P-80 Shooting Star jet-fighters, Montana and Super Yamato Class battleships and T28, T29 and Type 100 I/O heavy tanks. 

A unique system of Specializations allows players to customize their forces with special units, bonuses and abilities that reflect the difference in strategies and mentality of the opposing sides. Focus on the merciless Japanese fighting spirit with Banzai Charge and Bushido Code, establish supply advantages with the Tokyo Express, or gain access to B29 Nuclear Bombers through the Manhattan Project. 

A set of unique Commanders – split between Generals, Pilots and Captains – is gradually unlocked in the campaigns. Commanders can be attached to specific units to provide unique bonuses to anything in their command range. While good use of unit types and tactics remains the player's priority, clever use of Commanders can tip the balance in an offensive operation or buy just enough time in defense to turn the tide to your favor. 

Add an intuitive in-game scenario editor, up to 4 player multiplayer support through Hotseat or Slitherine's PBEM++ server system and you have a game with endless re-playability. 


Classic turn based, hex based gameplay with an intuitive UI and great depth. 
Play as the Japanese or Allies in 3 dynamic campaigns with unit carryover and multiple "what-if" scenarios including the Japanese invasion of Australia! 
A rich 3D world with detailed animations and effects. Turn based wargaming has never looked this good! 
20 different Specializations give a unique feel to each sides including Banzai Charge, Bushido Code and even the Manhattan Project. 
Over 500 different units, including infantry, tanks, ships and aircraft, each with unique visuals and animations. 
Attach unique commanders to your units to give them additional offensive and defensive bonuses. 
A deep but intuitive supply system allowing breakthroughs & encirclements. 
4 player multiplayer over PBEM++ and hotseat, supporting last-man-standing, teamplay and cooperative against AI scenarios. 
An extensive, user-friendly in-game scenario editor with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get design.


1. Unrar
2. Burn or mount the image
3. Install the game
4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to your game install directory
5. Play the game
6. Support the software developers. If you like this game.

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Penting..!!! Sebelum Melakukan Proses Download, Sebaiknya Anti Virus apapun di Komputer sobat harap di nonaktifkan Terlebih dahulu ya. Agar Patch Full Versionnya Dapat di Unduh juga. Makasih ^_^

Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED Order of Battle Pacific-RELOADED


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